Spoken Word

“Men are weak!” said Freydis, taking the ax out of his hand…

Viking women

Some of the most important rulers and greatest explorers in the Viking Age were women.

But the women at home on the farm also had a completely different role than the one they were squeezed into in the Middle Ages.

Hear about women’s power in the Viking Age and why equality is more obvious in Scandinavia than elsewhere in the world.

Go North!

The real daredevils went north, to the Faroe Islands, Iceland, Greenland and Vinland.

No more raiding – to the north, the Vikings were alone in the middle of the Atlantic, between icebergs, northern lights and volcanoes.

Here they found a haven, and here they wrote the sagas of Scandinavia. Meet the most adventurous Vikings on a farm in Brattalið.


Forget about England and Danelagen. Kievan Rus was the place to go.

From Birka, the Rus Vikings sailed across the Baltic Sea, down the Dnieper River to Istanbul, Baghdad and Cairo.

Along the way they founded Europe’s largest empire, importing the gene for blonde hair, Arab coins, Buddha statues and Indian pearls.

Spoken word

The topics can be combined and adapted to your wishes, and there is more inspiration for content on the page Sagas and in the book Vikingology

I like to give the lectures as a café lecture, as the story always goes down easier with a glass of wine or a cup of coffee.

I tell with humor and empathy, references to both archaeology, sagas and the impact found in today’s Scandinavia.

The lectures can be held in Danish, Swedish or English, as I speak the three languages effortlessly.

With over 500 lectures under my belt, I know how to keep the audience awake.

Contact at hej@viking.gl,  +46 72 530 65 34 or +45 31 50 20 15