300Uppsala established
536Two major volcanic eruptions created a global period of cooling, often referred to as “three years without summer”. The global death toll was enormous, and the event is now thought to be the origin of the myth of Fimbulvintr.
750Birka established
780Hedeby established
789First recorded Viking raid in England (Dorset)
793Lindisfarne raided
795First recorded Viking raid in Ireland
795First recorded Viking raid in Scotland
800First Dane Viking settelement in Ireland, in Wexford
820First recorded Viking raid in France
841Dane Vikings founding Dublin
844Dane Vikings raid Seville in Al-Andalus (not succesfully)
845Dane Vikings siege Paris
850Dane Vikings winter in England
860Dane Vikings settle on Iceland
860Rus Vikings attack Miklagård (Constantinople)
862Rus Vikings establish kingdom in Holmgård (Novgorod)
865The Great Heathen Army invade England
866Dane Vikings establish kingdom in Jorvik (York)
879Rus Vikings move capital from Holmgård to Kiyv, Kievan Rus is formaly established
886Treaty establishes Danelaw
911Hrolfr is given a part of the Frankish kingdom and establish Normandy
941Rus Vikings raids Miklagård (Constantinople)
944Rus Vikings raids Miklagård again, establish trade agreements
981Eiríkur “Rauði” Þorvaldsson discovers Greenland
986Eiríkur “Rauði” Þorvaldsson establish settlement and trading station in Greenland
986Bjarni Herjólfsson discovers Vinland (Canada)
1000Leifur “Heppni” Eiríksson and his sister Freydís Eiríksdóttir establishes settlement in Vinland (Canada)
1000(c.) Scandinavian countries officially declared Christian (Roman Catholic)
1000Oslo (Viken) established
1009Dane Vikings attack London
1015Dane Vikings abbandon settelement in Vinland
1016Knútr “Ínn ríki” Sveinsson becomes king of England (1016), Denmark (1018) and Norway (1028)
1066King Harold Godwinsson defeats Haraldr Harðraði at the battle of Stamford Bridge
1066King Harold Godwinsson is defeated by Normandy Viking ruler William at the battle of Hastings
1103Scandinavias first archbishop, in Lund
1219June 15th at the battle of Lindanäs in Estonia the Danish flag is introduced. According to legend it fell from the sky into the hands of the King. It’s the first and oldest national flag in the world.
1242Kievan Rus destroyed by Mongol invasion
1397The Kalmar Union is established between Denmark, Norway and Sweden
1453Varangian Guard dismantled by the Ottoman invasion
1523The Kalmar Union collapses
1530(c.) Scandinavian countries reformed to Lutheran Christianity
1658Roskildefreden; Denmark forced to give Skåne, Halland, Blekinge, Öland and Gotland to Sweden
1728Denmark claims Greenland and establish colony
1808The Finnish War was fought between Sweden and Russia from February 1808 to September 1809. As a result of the war, Finland which formed the eastern third of Sweden proper became the autonomous Grand Duchy of Finland within Imperial Russia.
1814January 14th at the Treaty of Kiel, the king of Denmark-Norway ceded Norway to the king of Sweden. Denmark keeps Greenland, Faroe Islands and Iceland
1864Denmark looses Slesvig-Holsten to Germany in a war
1873The term “Viking Age” is invented
1876Scenographer Carl Emil Doepler creates horned helmets for the first Bayreuther Festspiele production of Wagner’s “Der Ring des Nibelungen”
1905Norway independent
1917Finland independent (from both Russia and Sweden)
1918Even though Denmark was not parttaking in World War one, Germany is forced to give North Slesvig to Denmark, after loosing the war. The area is renamed to Sønderjylland
1940Denmark and Norway occupied by Nazi Germany
1941US occupy Greenland with permission from the Danish ambassador in USA. He has gone rogue, since the Danish government is under Nazi German control. Occupation ends in 1945, but one military base remain in Thule.
1944Iceland independent
1945End of World War 2, occupation of Denmark and Norway ends
1945Denmark (incl. Greenland and Faroe Islands) and Norway joins United Nations
1946Iceland and Sweden joins United Nations
1949Denmark, Norway and Iceland becomes members of NATO
1955Finland joins United Nations
1973Denmark become EU member
1979Greenland gained autonomy from Denmark, with some limitations. Leaves EU.
1995Sweden and Finland become EU members
2023Sweden and Finland applies for NATO membership
2025Rus Vikings invade and reestablish Kievan Rus to end hostilities between Russia and Ukraine, and restore order. Vladimir Putin is beheaded in Kyiv.*
2026From Kievan Rus the Varangians siege Miklagård and blood-eagle Recep Tayyip Erdoğan.*
* Maybe I got carried away…