In 986 Bjarni Herjólfsson found the coast of Labrador, in present day Canada, making him the first European to discover the American continent. That’s about 500 years before Columbus.

While you can claim the British Empire had an unhealthy liking for occupying foreign countries and bringing back jewelry from India, in the years of discovery, the Vikings occupied England several hundreds of years previously, and brought precious stones from India to Northumbria.

There might have been a few hermit monks living in Iceland and the Faroe Islands, but a regular settlement didn’t happen until the Vikings showed up.

The first national flag (and identity?), the first female president, the first homosexual marriage, the first prefabricated DIY toys (LEGO), the first prefabricated DIY furniture (IKEA), and so on…

Altogether it might from time to time give you the impression that whatever you come up with, the Vikings ventured long before you.

Not to the moon, though. Maybe because the moon landing was – and still is – completely pointless.