In search for intelligent life

Inspired by the courage and curiosity of the Viking explorers in the Iron Age Bjørn Heyerdahl, the grandson of Kon-Tiki famous Thor Heyerdahl, has taken initiative to a quite impressive project.

Along with friends, he has built a Viking ship, and ventured out with scientists, explorers and sustainability specialists, studying the real sustainable development to be found around the world, gathering inspiration, exactly as his ancestors did a thousand years ago.

The research vessel RV ‘Midgard Heron’ will travel the globe “in search for intelligent life”.

The ship is built in South Africa, and exposed to some of the world’s most testing sailing environments around the Cape of Storms.

After being transported to Oslo the crew of global citizens will follow the wake of Iron Age Vikings from Oslo to Bergen, and onwards to the Orkney Islands, Ireland, and along the European mainland coast into the mediterranean, to finalize the journey in Miklagarðr (present day Istanbul).

You can read more at https://midgardexpedition.com/